Marianne Rogoff first felt the pleasure of writing when she read her fifth-grade class a story she wrote about her brother flying from a backyard maple tree with a self-made parachute, and the kids laughed! 

Her writing since then has evoked an equal mix of tears, questions, and reflection along with laughter as her life and travels have led to more global and complex experiences. Her books, essays, and stories explore nature, cities, art, music, love, grief, the possibility of joy, and desire for a philosophy to absorb the mystery of birth, death, and the time in between. 

Born near the Raritan River in central New Jersey, following a rollicking, dangerous childhood Marianne got her BA in English from Rutgers University, where she wrote fiction with James Guetti and learned to read poetry from Horace Hamilton and Alicia Ostriker. She spent every summer during college driving coast to coast with friends, hiking and camping in national parks and forests in every U.S. state but Alaska, with cross-border excursions through Mexico and Canada. One of those trips ended in California, to stay.

Marianne earned her MA in English: Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. Her favorite teachers there included Frances Mayes, Gina Berriault, Leo Litwak, Kathleen Fraser, and Stan Rice.

Her PhD in Transformative Inquiry is from California Institute of Integral Studies, where she studied most memorably with Alfonso Montuori, Jennifer Wells, and Daniel Deslauriers. 

Being the mother of Duncan Joe Rogoff has been the best part of life. Besides all that, Marianne enjoys reading, roaming, music, and movies. Her body likes to walk, swim, float vertical, sit still, do sun salutations, kiss, hug, and dance salsa. 

When not traveling Marianne pretends she's a tourist in the place where she lives.


Photos throughout website by Marianne Rogoff :)